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LevelUp, Orderscape Partner to Power Voice Ordering for Restaurants Globally

LevelUp and Orderscape, two restaurant technology firms, announced their partnership to bring voice activated chatbots to restaurants across the United States. The integration will give tens of thousands of restaurants within the LevelUp network access to voice skills and chatbots to streamline mobile orders.

Orderscape's expertise with voice and natural language processing coupled with LevelUp's expertise with digital ordering platforms, make this integration a game changer for the restaurant industry. Customers will be able to access Orderscape's voice activated chatbots on all Amazon Alexa devices and other voice services and devices in the future. Orderscape plans to increase customer reach by supporting additional conversational channels such as Messenger and Slack after its Alexa debut.

Orderscape's technology is geared towards seamlessly pushing voice and chat orders to restaurant clients for processing. With LevelUp's involvement, restaurants who may not have had the budget or expertise to build voice ordering into their own website, or app, will be able to utilize the option through Orderscape and LevelUp. Orderscape can also supercharge transaction volume for restaurant brands by leveraging an influx of orders from LevelUp's network.

Orderscape's platform is designed to plug and play with existing online order systems and gateways so restaurants can simply switch on service to receive voice and chat orders without additional integration work on their part.

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