Lazy Dog Restaurants Partners with CardFree to Provide Modern Payment Experience for Customers

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

CardFree, the all-in-one platform empowering businesses to create customized order, pay, and loyalty solutions, today announced the launch of its EMV Plus product in partnership with Lazy Dog Restaurants to round out their already deep bench of on-premise payment solutions. The EMV Plus handheld terminal allows restaurant operators to provide convenient table-side payments while also mitigating fraud and chargeback risks.

An EMV solution has become a must-have for today’s restaurants. EMV integration provides enhanced security through encrypted payments and protects restaurants from chargeback disputes. CardFree’s EMV Plus was born out of a true partnership with Lazy Dog Restaurants. CardFree prides itself on internalizing customer feedback and leveraging that domain knowledge to inform its product roadmap. 

Lazy Dog Restaurants proposed that CardFree develop an EMV handheld solution after the company had already established a best-in-class payment experience for its restaurants. The two companies have worked together over the past 24 months to develop a streamlined and frictionless experience for both customers and operators. This includes the use of Text-to-Pay™, which leverages call center technology for call-in orders, Pay@Table™, which allows customers to check themselves out, enabling faster table turns, and EMV Plus, which offers a seamless user experience that marries all on and off-premise payment flows.  

“The Lazy Dog Restaurant relationship is what you dream for in this space, a true partner that needs a solution and is willing to iterate with us to ensure we build the best in class offering,” adds Jon Squire, CEO of CardFree. “EMV Plus is the next step in creating an end-to-end payment ecosystem for restaurant operators and gives them another tool to increase sales and staff efficiency. Now, at Lazy Dog Restaurants, teammates can provide the same seamless payment experience as phoned in orders, providing quick checkout via mobile wallets or card of choice, while providing more flexibility to the diners. With every product release in this partnership we look to add convenience and joy to the dining experience.”

"We’re excited to be working with CardFree because they exemplify the same innovative and never-settle approach toward guest and teammate satisfaction that we do,” said Chris Simms, founder and CEO of Lazy Dog Restaurant. “We look forward to leveraging their technology to enhance the guest and teammate experience in our restaurants.”  

Thoroughly tested and built for scale with over 2.4 billion transactions processed, CardFree’s EMV platform offers best-in-class features to enable fast, secure payments and easy bill splits via chip card reader or contactless payments. Restaurant owners and operators can learn about CardFree and schedule a personalized demo here

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