Lavu Strikes Deal for Sourcery

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Lavu Strikes Deal for Sourcery


Mobile point-of-sale and payment processing platform, ​​​​​Lavu, has acquired Sourcery, an automated accounts payable solution designed for the restaurant industry.

Lavu’s POS platform supplies restaurateurs with  management tools to streamline operations and increase revenue while Sourcery is devoted to providing  efficient payment automation technology. The partnership will enable greater success in all aspects of restaurant management.

Restaurant accounting practices have been slow to evolve over the years. Many restaurants are stuck using antiquated methods when it comes to their accounting processes. 

Sourcery’s technology removes the need for pen and paper and transfers the accounts payable process to the cloud. Not only does this cut back on time and resources needed, it improves analytics and tracking. Information is saved, coded, and categorized for future use, with the data accessible from anywhere at anytime. Payments are automated and sent through a secure, online billpay platform and invoices are processed quickly and easily. From invoice intake, to approvals, to payment execution, Sourcery is an end-to-end payment automation solution.

The pairing of Lavu’s and Sourcery’s technology platforms will help reduce friction with the vendor at every step and allow for deeper analysis of vendors and pricing. The data generated will enable restaurateurs to make knowledgeable decisions that directly impact their bottom lines.