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Lans Holdings, Creditcall Partner to Speed Up Restaurant Adoption of Chip Cards

Lans Holdings, Inc. (DBA Paysperity) is pleased to announce the release of Paysperity Enterprise POS, an adaptive "EMV Card Ready" payment solution powered by Creditcall's chip card technology, now available for all size restaurants and retail businesses.

Paysperity provides retail and restaurant owners with efficient options to modernize their business technology and migrate to EMV, the global standard for credit and debit cards that use computer chips to authenticate and secure card transactions. The Paysperity Gateway also empowers retailers and restaurant owners, using existing point of sale (POS) systems, to easily transition to the EMV chip card standard utilizing Creditcall's ChipDNA (SDK), a certified EMV integration tool Lans Holdings provides to Independent Software Organizations (ISOs) and payment processors.

Creditcall is a veteran EMV solution provider and payment gateway since 1996. Creditcall makes card acceptance simple from any device, anywhere. Whether it is in-store, restaurant, self-service, online or mobile, they ensure secure EMV chip card acceptance. Creditcall helps facilitate a seamless process during the migration of magnetic-stripe cards to EMV chip cards, leveraging 15 years of EMV Kernel experience.

Paysperity Enterprise POS is an adaptive solution. Merchants can choose what features are best suited for their business and streamline merchant on-boarding of 3rd party services like Gift/Loyalty card processing:
  • For Mobile, the Food Truck and events/venue oriented merchant industry is growing and in need of scalable chip card ready payment solutions. Paysperity delivers a simple yet portable payment solution to use on smartphones or tablets.
  • Single site Retail, the backbone of the US economy can upgrade their electronic cash register, with a simple activation process and rapidly migrate to chip card acceptance while adding on business specific data management services available on tablets, touch-screen monitors and smartphones with no down time.
  • Multi-location Restaurants that require robust inventory management, data analytics, multi-lingual interfaces, accounting, payroll and loyalty card processing.
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