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La Quinta Focuses on Providing Better Bandwidth to Meet Guests' Streaming Needs

La Quinta Inns & Suites has selected Ruckus Wireless to address the evolution of guest high-speed Internet access. Vivek Shaiva, CIO of La Quinta Inns & Suites reveals that as guests have come to expect better bandwidth because of what they have at home, La Quinta saw the need to compensate and make sure that the access points La Quinta deployed have the ability to connect and deliver content to guests multiple devices.
Shaiva also notes the trending away from guests watching content on the in-room televisions to watching content on their devices. Because of this trend, the need has grown for strong high capacity wi-fi networks. “We realize wi-fi is no different from power or light,” Shaiva notes. “It’s not just about the capability to browse the Internet any more, it’s about the abilty to stream high-definition content on guests’ own devices.”

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