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LA Hotels Double Available Rooms to 20,000 for COVID-19 Response

About 20,000 LA hotel rooms are now available to protect and isolate population segments vulnerable to the coronavirus outbreak.
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Almost 250 hotels throughout Los Angeles have volunteered their properties, providing public health and other county departments with access to more than 20,000 rooms as temporary shelter to support the region’s COVID-19 response, the Hotel Association of Los Angeles announced. This is double the initial 10,000 rooms that were made available on March 27.

This incredible response by 249 Los Angeles hotels represents about 30 percent of all hotels that are now available to protect and isolate population segments vulnerable to the coronavirus outbreak.

“Unprecedented challenges require unprecedented action. We are honored to be a part of the solution at a time when the answer is not always clear,” said Heather Rozman, Executive Director of the Hotel Association of Los Angeles (HALA). “Our hope is that by opening up thousands of hotel rooms, we can reduce the spread of coronavirus at a time Los Angeles needs hospitality the most. And, in two short weeks, the number of volunteered rooms has more than doubled.”

Since Gov. Newsom declared a State of Emergency in California on March 4, Los Angeles hotels have opened their doors. HALA has worked with a multitude of government departments and agencies to identify hotels that could help local municipalities respond to the COVID-19 outbreak. Shelter is still needed for COVID-19 isolation, individuals experiencing homelessness, victims of domestic violence, elderly populations, and medical personnel. The Hotel Association’s involvement has been instrumental in helping government reach out to the greater Los Angeles hotel community.

“Rooms in Los Angeles are available now, and we are continuing to work with County officials to ensure the well-being of all Angelenos and any individual who may need temporary shelter,” Rozman added.

The Hotel Association of Los Angeles has advocated for the Los Angeles lodging industry for more than 70 years through legislative support, coalition building, lobbying and public advocacy. Its members represent a cross-section of the lodging industry, including owners, managers, suppliers and vendors.

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