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LA Boutique Hotel Rolls Out Mobile Room Programmer Across 239 Rooms

The Andaz West Hollywood has rolled out Kube Systems KS Clock™ across its 239 rooms. This compact, Bluetooth streaming unit features the ability to charge up to six mobile devices with built-in Apple® Lightning cable, Apple® 30-pin cable and Micro USB flip out cables suitable for Androids, Blackberrys and virtually every smartphone and tablet on the market. It also features two auto-sensing USB ports and optional Qi wireless on top of the intuitive alarm clock. Located at 8401 Sunset Boulevard, Andaz West Hollywood is a Hyatt brand affiliate; Kube Systems is a Hyatt Preferred Vendor.
 “We understand how critical it is to guest satisfaction to provide a convenient charging solution for guests,” said Director of Rooms Katja Borowski. “What we offered previously in the rooms was a docking station that only charged Apple products. The mobile Room Programmer that comes with the KS Clock™ is convenient for guests and simple for our staff to program.”
The Android App Room Programmer enables hotel engineers to program settings for Daylight Savings Time (automatically adjust +1 or -1 hour during the respective DST switch), Display Brightness (day time / night time LED clock face brightness level), Alarm Tone (one of three alarm tone types can be selected), and Audio Volume (sets the maximum audio playback volume/ volume limiter) with just a touch. In addition, a Bluetooth ID can be assigned to each KS Clock™ giving each Kube a unique room number to prevent unauthorized pairing. The Kube also features a Bluetooth (BT) Clear Cache Interval setting that specifies how long a mobile device will remain in memory so the guest does not have to hit the pair button again on KS Clock™ upon re-entering the room after leaving for a time.
Each KS Clock™ comes with replaceable and upgradeable modular cables that keep the unit from becoming obsolete. As global charging standards change, the hardware is fully upgradable, making the Kube future proof and extending the life of the hotel’s CAPEX investment. The KS Clock™ is also equipped with optional Qi (pronounced “chee”) technology for wireless charging. Kube Systems is leveraging the Qi technology to enable guests to simply rest their mobile devices on top of the Qi charging pad, located on the top of each Kube. Optional locking points and security cables can also be affixed to the KS Clock™ for added protection.
Borowski said that Andaz West Hollywood is also considering adding the KS Portable™ for public areas in the future. The KS Portable™ functions just as the KS Clock™, but without the time component or streaming audio capability, and it also provides up to nine hours of charge time at speeds comparable to those from wall outlets.
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