Koomi POS Adds Direct Integration with Uber Eats

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor - Restaurants
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Koomi announces its partnership with Uber Eats as a direct integration is now available for independent quick-service restaurants and chains.

Uber Eats and Koomis integration is designed to alleviate a lot of the headaches that restaurants face by accepting digital orders. Typically digital orders come in through a separate tablet and are then entered manually into the POS system, increasing human error and longer waits for customers. Now, all of this is automated through Koomis POS system .

Instead of simply injecting orders via a third-party platform, Koomi controls this process within its POS directly so a restaurant can control and optimize its ordering without any third-party platform. This minimizes cost, support issues and consolidates all reporting from one system.

Being fully cloud-based, this allows restaurants to not only to inject these orders into the kitchen, but also pushes the items and pricing back into Uber Eats admin panel eliminating any discrepancies in bridging their digital and physical orders. Koomi decreases order times and increases the amount of orders a quick-service restaurant can take during their rush now that Uber Eats is integrated.