Knowland Offers Premium Contact Data Add-On for Hotel Group Sales

Knowland announced the release of Premium Contact Data (PCD), an add-on to its subscription-based hotel group sales software platform providing verified contact data with event booking history. As the leader in hospitality group business analytics for hotels, convention and visitor bureaus, conference centers and other meeting venues, the company provides comprehensive group data intelligence to drive higher revenue and provide greater value to hotels’ customers.

During these unprecedented times, Knowland understands the challenges facing hoteliers. To help them develop a path forward in this uncharted environment, the company has enhanced its database to provide sales teams with the tools they need to start building the relationships that will fuel business recovery. More robust than a business networking site or general contact database, Knowland PCD is a specially curated database that allows sales teams to easily identify and reach verified contacts with historical event history that matches their properties.

  • Designed to support post-COVID-19 market re-entry strategies – Hotels’ rebound will begin with smaller/regional events, not the massive group conventions of pre-COVID business. The Knowland PCD contains over 50,000 events held in the U.S. last summer for groups of less than 50 attendees and the hotel group business rebound will begin from this pent-up demand of smaller, local events. As restrictions lift and event coordinators and attendees grow in confidence, gatherings will grow in numbers and expand geographically. Conference coordinators, corporate meeting planners and event managers are eager for guidance in how to start re-connecting their constituents again in a safe and productive way. Premium Contact Data gives hotel sales teams the tools to identify these contacts that will be the backbone of group recovery.
  • Verified planner contacts – Human-verified contacts are scored against a hotel’s fit for value and experience. PCD determines account fit for chain scale, location and more. The data is re-verified every 90 days with 95 percent accuracy to provide sales teams with access to the right person on the first call.
  • Understanding buyer behavior – Account-match scoring provides extensive insights into event history and past booking patterns to better understand customer behavior. It also provides direct links to LinkedIn profiles that provide sales teams with a full picture of their contacts before they make the first call.
  • Prioritization of local groups – Geographical targeting allows sales teams to start small and local by identifying corporate, industry and private meetings based on changing group size limitations right in their local and regional markets.
  • Ongoing updates to data – Knowland delivers access to more than 100,000 additional planner contacts with new contacts added monthly.

Kristi White, vice president of product, Knowland, said: “While we all hope our industry will bounce back quickly, the reality is it will take active engagement by hotel sales teams to build the relationships that will fuel your hotel’s rebound as restrictions lift. Premium Contact Data was specifically designed to help our customers regain control, optimize local and small meeting opportunity and build a strong base of relationship-driven group business.”

Learn the details on Knowland Premium Contact Data from the product datasheet here or request a demo here.

Knowland has established a resource page for hotels impacted by COVID-19 at

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