KNOWCROSS Partners with Ritz Paris to Deliver Great Customer Service

KNOWCROSS, a provider of technology intelligence for the hospitality operations industry, announced its partnership with Ritz Paris, which recently reopened its doors after a $400 million dollar, four-year renovation.  Ritz Paris, known for its opulence and celebrity clientele, turned to the KNOWCROSS suite of services to create a central, real-time communication center that speeds up responses to guests’ requests and allows the hotel to function more efficiently overall, promoting a new benchmark in customer service.
Ritz Paris integrated the entire KNOWCROSS suite of services: KNOW Service, KNOW Housekeeping, KNOW Glitch, KNOW Inspection and KNOW Mobile. Joerg Boehler, director of operational development at Ritz Paris said he first became interested in the technology before the renovation.
“Guest expectations are much higher, so we needed to provide much better service than we had before. That was the aim of the renovation and new room set,” Boehler explained. “KNOW Housekeeping was a big change that allowed us to go paperless and replace room lists that became dated moments after printing. The automated system increased productivity by sequencing the order in which rooms should be cleaned.  Because of this, Ritz Paris now offers guests the ability to determine their own check-in and departure times.”
KNOWCROSS offers a mobile communication system across all departments to anyone on any computer or smartphone, anywhere. This eliminates the need to travel to and from a set location in the hotel for assignments. Meanwhile, the ability to customize language settings breaks down potential communication barriers with staff.
“We were able to include a callbox within the rooms that looks the same as it did 100 years ago, but let's all departments across the hotel know when a guest does not want to be disturbed, cutting back on unnecessary trips to rooms and suites,” Boehler said.
Ritz Paris uses KNOW Service and KNOW Glitch’s ability to track customer complaints and service requests which allows the maintenance staff to perform their jobs more efficiently. Post-renovation, the platform’s reporting system spotlighted repeat failures of equipment and room issues that otherwise wouldn’t have been as easily detected.  Ritz Paris was able to make smart replacements rather than continued unsuccessful repairs.
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