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KFC Selects Delaget, Envysion as Its Preferred Loss Prevention Suite

Kentucky Fried Chicken announced the selection of Delaget Guard and Envysion as its preferred and fully-supported loss prevention suite for the company's more than 4,100 outlets nationwide. The announcement comes after a 120-day pilot spearheaded by KFC's Technology Committee to determine best-in-class loss prevention solutions and to enhance support for franchisees. During the pilot, users experienced Delaget's new integration with Envysion, KFC's DVR system vendor, as part of a loss prevention suite.
The Delaget and Envysion partnership helps franchisees leverage advanced analytics to quickly find substantive theft, use video surveillance to validate and fully understand the context of those suspicious activities, and help guide restaurant managers on the immediate actions to take with prescriptive intelligence.
"Choosing our preferred loss prevention suite was not something we took lightly," said Chris Caldwell, CIO, KFC U.S. "We selected Delaget for their extensive experience in the quick service restaurant industry, ability to handle the security demands of a large operation, and because their solution, Delaget Guard, is exceptional at identifying loss and prescribing action. With the combined capabilities of Delaget and Envysion, KFC franchisees will have access to powerful loss prevention tools, saving them time and helping them run more efficient operations. We saw excellent results with the pilot and are excited to roll it out to our franchisees."
Franchisees around the country have already started using Delaget Guard, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that reduces loss from theft and error by using proprietary algorithms to find exceptions in restaurant data, prioritizing those exceptions by monetary impact, and recommending specific actions restaurant managers can take to reduce loss. When operators use Delaget and Envysion together, they can easily compare side-by-side views of the transactional data with the corresponding video.
"Having ticket-level details side-by-side with video footage is a game-changer for my team. Instead of spending hours reviewing footage or analyzing reports, they're now able to easily isolate and identify issues and make quick responses. With a combined solution, it's easier to determine if a situation is theft or a training issue," said Jason Zakaras, owner of Zak Foods, a 27-unit KFC franchise.
"Instead of losing money to theft, those dollars are re-invested in our business for new technology and equipment, raises, and bonuses," said Heath Harrison, director of loss prevention at JRN Inc., a 154-unit KFC franchise. "That money is so beneficial when it goes to our bottom line."
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