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Jolt Digital Checklists




Current Customers

Smoothie King
Dairy Queen
Jersey Mike’s
Buffalo Wild Wings
Jimmy John’s
Five Guys
Krispy Kreme
and many more…

The Complete Digital Food Safety and Operations Platform for Restaurants


Jolt is designed to solve the challenges that restaurant owners face, aiming to improve daily operations and food safety compliance. Powered by a digital checklist platform that features integrated kitchen hardware, corrective actions, and custom notifications, Jolt delivers individual employee accountability, visibility into store performance, and accurate food safety records. Jolt is the industry leader. Over 15,000 customers have leveraged Jolt to complete more than 1 billion tasks.

Gone are the days of digging through old binders to try and determine who did (or didn’t do) some critical task. By digitizing traditional paper checklists and processes in one app, restaurant owners can access records easily from anywhere, anytime.

More than just a checkmark or initial, Jolt supercharges restaurants’ checklists by adding advanced functionality. Need to ensure the drink station was cleaned according to your brand standards? Upload your training materials (documents, videos, PDFs, etc.) into Jolt and then attach specific content to a checklist item for employees to reference on the spot. Additionally, a photo can be required in order to complete a checklist item.

With over 18 different types of checklist items, Jolt gives stakeholders the visibility and accountability they’ve been searching for. By providing solutions to challenges normally required from multiple vendors, the versatility Jolt offers is unmatched.


“I no longer worry about new employees making errors. They have access to everything they need in Jolt, allowing me to focus on growing my business instead of spending the majority of my time training.” –Heather Kessler, Chick-fil-A Operator

Top 5 Features:

  1. Integrated Bluetooth probes featuring Touchless Temperature CaptureTM technology for faster, 100% accurate temp logs
  2. Individual user accountability that displays employee name, result, and timestamp on every task completed
  3. Manager’s logbook to capture notes and shift events that can be flagged for attention
  4. Maintain consistency across multiple locations with global content management
  5. Tailored alerts, corrective actions, and insightful reporting allow you to stay on top of and have complete visibility into your business’ performance


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