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Johnny Carino's Improves Guest Experience with Integration of Reporting & POS

Fired Up, Inc.’s Johnny Carino’s restaurant has partnered with Mirus and Custom Business Solutions, who have teamed up to providewith an integrated system that combines Mirus’ reporting modules and NorthStar Order Entry point-of-sale system. 
The partnership was developed to assist Johnny Carino's improve the guest experience with a NorthStar mobile ordering solution while maintaining the reporting capabilities of Mirus. The integration allows the Johnny Carino’s to continuously monitor daily POS activity to identity profit-building opportunities throughout the day. 
“The ability to have our business intelligence tool speak directly and seamlessly to our POS system is no longer a luxury, but a necessity,” said Rick Baker, Director of Operation Services for Fired Up, Inc. “As a company, we are stronger and more agile with our new reporting capabilities.” 
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