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iPad Tablet Offers Wine Ordering Solution for Philadelphia Restaurant

Marc Vetri's Osteria Restaurant has introduced Tiare Technology Wireless WineList System to showcase regional Italian wine offerings. Osteria will now offer their guests an iPad with the Tiare ordering solution for ordering wine, beer and cocktails.
The Wireless WineList application allows guests to easily view and order wines using a wireless Apple iPad tablet and Tiare’s proprietary software.  Guests can use the tablets to browse the wine list discovering the breadth of wines offered.  They can also sort the wines to display by region, varietal, price range or other categories, or click to search the list and pinpoint a specific selection.
The system displays extensive information about Osteria’s Italian wine offerings, including tasting notes, vintage information, and background on the winery, the region and grape varietals. Photos, wine labels and other information are also displayed. The Tiare Technology system also provides Osteria diners information about the restaurant’s selection of specialty Italian beer, hand-crafted cocktails and rare grappa.
The system is intended to enhance, rather than replace, personal attention provided by the staff.  Guests can place several selections onto the system’s Consideration List™ for discussion with the staff.

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