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InterMountain Management Gains Visibility into Day-to-Day Operations with Quore

When it comes to embracing new technology, the hospitality industry is not typically known for being an early adopter. With multiple departments, teams, shifts and properties under one brand, introducing a new technology can be a monumental task. Mark Frentz, director of training and development for InterMountain Management, LLC, was faced with this very challenge when the technology solution used at more than 70 InterMountain properties wasn’t meeting the brand’s needs.
“The system we were using was content-heavy and not user-friendly, so naturally adoption was low,” Frentz said. “I was in the dark when it came to day-to-day operations, let alone identifying big-picture trends.”
A colleague recommended that Frentz try Quore, a hotel management software solution designed collaboratively by hoteliers, designers and software developers.
“We were immediately blown away by Quore,” Frentz said. “We needed a solution that visually represented something that was easy to learn and use, and Quore met those needs.”
Employees remarked that Quore automatically felt familiar to them, which translated into increased adoption and ultimately more accurate reporting for Frentz and his team. Quore allowed Frentz to access critical information from any property remotely, which gave him the visibility into day-to-day operations he was missing.
At one property, guests were frequently complaining about the comfort of the mattresses. Hotel staff reported each complaint through Quore, and, because the inventory information was also stored in the system, Quore flagged that the mattresses were still under warranty, saving the property thousands of dollars.
After implementing Quore, Frentz noticed an immediate communication improvement across departments, shifts and properties.
“If a hotel goes a week without entering a work order, the GM can reach out and set up a training session,” Frentz said. “Quore not only saves us time and money, it fosters accountability at every level.”
Through Quore’s cloud-based technology, automated reports and personalized dashboards allow management to access information at the individual property level or the hotel brand as a whole from anywhere. Streamlined communications and quick access to essential operations yields enhanced guest satisfaction, staff productivity and asset tracking.
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