InterContinental Stephen F. Austin Hotel Goes Wireless

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InterContinental Stephen F. Austin Hotel Goes Wireless

The InterContinental Stephen F. Austin Hotel announces that they have selected and deployed the Bandspeed AirMaestro WLAN solution throughout the hotel, including all 189 guest rooms and suites, six conference rooms, as well as the bar and lobby areas in the hotel.   

Prior to selecting the Bandspeed AirMaestro WLAN solution, the InterContinental Stephen F. Austin Hotel's existing small office/home office-(SOHO) grade wireless solution was not accessible in any of its guest rooms. Additionally, it only allowed for limited wireless coverage in a few of the hotel's conference rooms. Existing access points (AP) required extensive set-up for each conference at the hotel and did not provide consistent connectivity when more than a few users tried to gain access to the wireless network. The IT staff at the InterContinental Stephen F. Austin Hotel knew it needed an easy-to-use, affordable and dependable enterprise-class WLAN solution to support the wireless networking needs of its guests, so the hotel turned to Bandspeed.

Since deploying the Bandspeed AirMaestro WLAN, the hotel now provides wireless coverage to every guest room and to every inch of its conferencing facilities. Because of the enterprise-class RF performance of the Bandspeed AirMaestro APs, fewer APs were required for coverage, resulting in a very affordable solution that stayed within the hotel's budget. In addition, the Bandspeed solution provides a higher-level of security by isolating hotel guests'traffic so that one guest cannot see or hack into another guest's PC.

"The InterContinental Stephen F. Austin Hotel was built in 1923, and we always strive to keep the ambiance of the 1920's throughout the building.  To maintain that historic look and feel, we required that APs be installed in the ceilings of the hotel while still providing the needed wireless coverage. The Bandspeed AirMaestro APs provide consistent and reliable coverage even with common interferers in the ceilings such as sheetrock, pipes and heating ducts," says Ralph Carnal, IT Supervisor, InterContinental Stephen F. Austin Hotel.

The Bandspeed AirMaestro solution also allows the hotel's IT staff to easily configure, manage and troubleshoot the wireless network from a central location, as well as to globally manage all of the APs. The wireless service scheduling feature of the AirMaestro solution allows the IT staff to define and schedule deployment of guest networks in advance of upcoming conferences at the hotel. Additionally, the Bandspeed AirMaestro APs'built-in dual-band spectrum analyzer allows the hotel's IT staff to view the RF environment around any AP in the network in real-time, supporting remote diagnostics and troubleshooting of RF interference in the network.

"The Bandspeed AirMaestro WLAN solution really is the 'diamond in the rough' we were looking for," says Carnal.  "Bandspeed provides superior range, performance and security in an extremely reliable and manageable solution. We have been more than thrilled with the results seen from the AirMaestro solution," said Carnal.