InterContinental Paris Le Grand Enters the RendezVerse

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels
 InterContinental Paris le Grand and  RendezVerse logo

InterContinental Paris le Grand will enter the RendezVerse, as a development partner, becoming a force in the future of meetings and events.

As the world moves into the era of Web 3.0, hospitality is following suit, which is why InterContinental Paris le Grand is partnering with RendezVerse in a project that will help shape the rapidly evolving landscape that is the hospitality metaverse.

InterContinental Paris le Grand will work with the technical team at RendezVerse to bring to life the vision of where the industry is undoubtedly headed, in an effort to save our most valuable assets; time, money and the planet.

RendezVerse is leveraging Web 3.0 technologies to transform how the hotel and events industry will operate with a mission to build the tools and services that will allow enterprises to meet and thus promote their products in the metaverse. 

RendezVerse MetaTools is developing three virtual experiences with more on the way. NGAGE Xplore will allow event planners and organisers to explore potential event venues without the need of an initial site inspection. NGAGE Podium will bring conference content and networking to anyone, anywhere in the world while the NGAGE Suite is a secure, customisable and exciting place to meet! 

The RendezVerse Development Project aims to work with industry leaders across the sector to bring their vision of a corporate metaverse to life. Located in the heart of Paris, offering guests a magnificent view of the Opera Garnier, The InterContinental Paris le Grand boasts rooms and suites decorated in a Second Empire style, infused with contemporary touches and unique reception venues. 

The InterContinental Paris le Grand has been host to prestigious receptions attended by global dignitaries since 1862 and is today equipped with the latest technologies essential to the smooth running of private and professional events. The Ravel Room boasts a flamboyant decor of deep red velvet and shimmering chandeliers while The Opera Ballroom is considered to be one of the most beautiful venues in Paris. The other event rooms rival each other in elegance making the InterContinental Paris le Grand the perfect partner for RendezVerse.

The combined teams will bring InterContinental Paris le Grand to virtual life allowing event planners to not only visit all aspects of the venue, view examples of previous events but also plan their bespoke concept to the most finite detail from decor and menus to presentation formats and schedules, all from the comfort of their own desk.

Peter Gould, Founder and CEO, RendezVerse, said: “We are delighted to welcome InterContinental Paris le Grand into the RendezVerse and we are confident that this partnership, through close relations, delivers a solid foundation for the journey ahead. Troubleshooting and testing are going to be a huge part of perfecting the system and with InterContinental Paris le Grand we have the perfect case study. We are delighted to be embarking on what is a historic step in the future of events.”

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