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InterContinental Hotels to Invest in Data Mining with SAS Analytics Group

IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group) has turned to SAS Enterprise Miner to gather, analyze and understand huge volumes of data. With that, IHG uncovers new opportunities and deep insights about customer preferences to keep growing top-line revenue using SAS Analytics.

SAS Analytics assess the effectiveness of advertising and marketing campaigns, global call centers, websites and Priority Club Rewards in order to optimize marketing spending. As the hotels concentrate marketing investments on opportunities promising the greatest return, IHG is working to boost brand performance.

“Before SAS Analytics, important insights were locked in our data; data integration tasks were tedious and complicated, leaving little time for analysis,” said David Schmitt, Director of Performance and Planning at IHG.

SAS analyzes reservation and transaction data from IHG hotels worldwide to highlight factors affecting competitiveness.

Using SAS Enterprise Miner, the company identifies key performance drivers that its marketers can replicate across all IHG brands.
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