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Integrated Gift Card Processing Now Available on PAR Exalt with TransNet

Precidia Technologies Inc., a designer and manufacturer of Internet Protocol (IP) payment and networking products, announced that its TransNet payment engine application can now work with the PAR Exalt POS system to process fully integrated gift card payments. This development means that the many quick service restaurants (QSRs) that use PAR Exalt with TransNet can now process gift card transactions without a stand-alone terminal.

Until now, QSRs and other merchants accepting gift cards at the point-of-sale using a PAR Exalt system required a stand-alone payment terminal. This set up had several drawbacks for the merchant. Lacking integration with the Exalt system, gift transactions were prone to double entry errors and added another layer of administration to payments. In addition, there was the cost of operating a stand-alone terminal, often dial-based. With Precidia's TransNet solution, gift card processing is fully integrated with the PAR Exalt system, and no additional terminal is required. The TransNet payment engine integrates seamlessly with the PAR Exalt system, delivering fast, fully managed transactions. Pre-certified to a wide range of credit, debit, gift and loyalty transaction processors, the TransNet software, which operates on Precidia's secure POSLynx220 payment router, can route transactions directly to multiple processors.

In addition to processing fully integrated card transactions, the TransNet/POSLynx220 solution also features a web-based management suite. This suite includes the NetVu management server, designed to facilitate 24/7 support of the merchant, and MerchantVu, which is a store-level portal for settlement, suspicious transaction alerts and data analysis.

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