Instawork Partners with Staffmate to Help Hospitality Companies with Staffing Shortages

Instawork, the largest flexible staffing app for gig workers and hospitality businesses, and StaffMate Online, the first web-based staff scheduling software for events-based businesses announced today a strategic partnership during StaffMate’s presentation at the 2020 Catersource|TSE Conference. Both Instawork and StaffMate are on a mission to solve the challenges hospitality businesses, specifically catering and event-based companies, face with staffing. Through this integration, StaffMate customers can now easily fill empty shifts directly from the StaffMate scheduling tool with on-call hospitality professionals on Instawork. 

Instawork launched in 2015 and the company’s vision is to create economic opportunity for local workers and hospitality businesses. Instawork connects thousands of hospitality Professionals and business Partners every day through the easy to use Instawork app in the 13 markets Instawork operates in. While traditionally the hospitality industry suffers from high turnover rates and short-term, highly seasonal positions, Instawork addresses both of these issues by connecting businesses in need with qualified workers on demand. Instawork Partners can easily post gigs, which are filled with qualified Professionals within 24 hours and are typically filled 97% of the time. 

Staffmate is the first web-based scheduling software with 18-years of experience helping event-based companies schedule and manage their staff to execute flawless occasions. 

In those 18 years, StaffMate Online clients have scheduled workers into 18.5 million shifts for nearly 2.7 million uniquely spectacular events worldwide.

“We are excited to announce our partnership with StaffMate,” said Sumir Meghani, CEO and Co-Founder of Instawork. “We believe this partnership will help StaffMate customers save time, reduce scheduling challenges, and will unlock access to the thousands of Professionals on Instawork who are seeking job opportunities, ultimately helping us support even more businesses across the US.”

“As leaders in our respective categories, it was not a difficult decision to partner with Instawork,” said Joseph Veneman Owner and Founder of StaffMate. “It was clear to us that providing this added benefit to clients would not only help our existing customers be more efficient and scale to larger events with much more ease, but would also provide a ‘best-of-both worlds’ solution that would create significant benefit industry-wide. ”

Through this partnership StaffMate customers now can: 

  • Seamlessly fill their shifts with Instawork professionals
  • See the status of their Instawork shifts within Staffmate
  • Have an integrated view of their in-house staff and Instawork staff

“We have been StaffMate customers for over 16 years and the service just keeps getting better. Our company also recently started using Instawork to find great, experienced staff and we have been incredibly impressed with the platform,” said Bill Hansen from Bill Hansen Catering & Events. “As an active user of both services, I think this integration makes a ton of sense. I know catering companies across the country are really going to benefit.”

The full integration of the two platforms will be complete in Spring 2020. Hospitality businesses looking to leverage the platforms for their staffing and scheduling needs should visit to download the free app and to schedule a live demo or enroll in a free trial. 

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