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InnSpire Debuts InnCable

InnSpire’s newest innovation, the just-patented InnCable, puts all the functionalities of a powerful Android box into a single Ethernet-to-HDMI cable. InnCable will make its global debut during the HITEC conference in Toronto on June 26-29. InnCable is based on the same technology that won InnSpire the HTNG tech innovation award in 2014. Millions of hotel guests have since enjoyed world-class entertainment, ordered room service and controlled hotel offers using the hotel room TV and their own devices. And hotels on their end have benefitted from the simplicity of coordinating all services in one unified solution.
The newly patented solution InnCable puts all the functionalilties of a powerful Android box into a single cable. Exit boxes, dongles, smart TVs and power cords – enter a single Ethernet to HDMI-cable which plugs directly into the TV from the wall.
The InnCable is primarily aimed at hotels, promising a cost efficient, easy-to-install solution. 
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