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Innovative Reporting Dashboard IDs Revenue Opportunities

UniFocus has announced the availability of a solution that allows managers to quickly visually identify revenue opportunities across entire portfolios with a new easy to read visual dashboard component for its Revenue Reporting Performance Tool.
This simple solution is essential for companies with multiple brands using different property management systems in their portfolio, taking information from the different systems at the various properties and matching it up for easy comparisons. UniFocus’ Revenue Reporting also reduces IT overhead by easily integrating with third-party accounting systems.
The dashboard is permissions-based, allowing upper management to decide which users see what information when logging into the system. Users change the settings on their dashboard to suit their needs, depending on what information is most important to their areas of responsibility. Information presented, date ranges and graph types are just a few of the customizable elements.
UniFocus’ Revenue Reporting tool alleviates confusion and saves time for management, allowing more focus on running the business and less on scouring over spreadsheets.

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