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Infor Enhances Hotel Management in the Cloud

Infor announced the availability of Infor Hospitality Management Solution (HMS) version 3.7.4 to help hospitality customers promote a superior guest experience with enhanced industry-specific features. In today's competitive market, utilizing an integrated suite of industry-tailored applications such as Infor HMS can be a critical function to help drive brand loyalty and facilitate measurable KPIs. Available as both a cloud and on-premise deployment, the new release of Infor HMS offers additional capabilities that help hospitality organizations around the world raise efficiency, facilitate collaboration and speed guest services.
Enhancements include:
Inventory of Non-Room Items - This new function provides hotels a greater level of visibility for maintaining inventory on non-room items such as "extra beds," "ironing boards," etc. This feature will allow hotels to monitor asset availability and manage inventory levels on any non-room item that may be added to a reservation.
Augmented Guest Profile Management - The improved Guest Profile management function allows staff to track global and property specific preferences, meaning hoteliers can now track guest preferences by "brand." The automated match and merge features that have been added to Infor HMS better enable proprietors to manage guest profiles with greater efficiency.
Centralized Guest Profile Management - This module significantly enhances collaboration for customers with multiple hotels by enabling them to store and manage a single instance of a unique guest profile across the enterprise. Hoteliers can look up the enterprise value of the guest in real-time to better serve the needs of highly esteemed guests.
Promotion Functionality - This upgrade allows the staff to create and manage special rate promotions for guests that factors key variables such as "length of guest stay" by applying the promotions to one or more rate plans.
Alert Management - This functionality enables hoteliers to add an alert (trace) to a reservation or guest stay record and have the alert displayed as a pop-up at check-in, checkout, or each time a user accesses the guest reservation. Alerts and traces can be managed on multiple guests at the same time.
Chip and Pin/EMV - Infor HMS has the ability to support chip and pin/EMV with electronic fund transfer (EFT) partners for the North American market.
Expanded Mobile Options - The Infor HMS Housekeeping Mobile application is a new app available for iPhone® and iPod touch ®. Housekeeping staff can become completely paperless by utilizing this application to view room assignments, make status updates and track guest details in real-time, all while moving from room to room within the property. Additionally, Infor HMS now offers mobile room key encoding through integration with Ingenico Mobile Solutions' iSMP Companion™, which allows hotel employees to encode guest keys while away from the front desk.  
Leasing Module - The Leasing Module continues to be enhanced for the serviced apartments market. This module provides the ability to create leases for long-stay or short-stay guests, delivering flexible invoicing options and rate plans to help this niche hotel group better manage leasing and revenue for their lease-based customers.
Enhanced Accounts Receivable Functionality - The Accounts Receivable module continues to be enhanced with improved workflows for accounting tasks by providing the ability to create centralized profiles with separately attached property accounts directly from the reservation screen, and more flexible invoicing.
Owner Room Rotation Capabilities - Owner room rotation functionality enables hoteliers to better support the needs of condominium hotels. Staff can sequence rooms based on an assigned point value to provide equal opportunity for rentals. This feature also delivers capabilities to integrate with a specialized third-party condominium solution which manages the owner accounting capabilities while Infor HMS handles the room rotation logic.
Advanced Room Planning and Reporting - Infor HMS delivers room planning and reporting enhancements designed to facilitate advanced drill-down capabilities for forecasting, including the ability to combine occupancy history and forecasting into one report to promote better-informed business decisions.
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