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Indra's PMS is a Smart Start to All-In-One Platform Migration

Through Indra's Travel Management Suite (TMS), brands and management companies can experience core system convergence using a seamless, uniform above-property platform for all their business needs that drives accurate guest information from all parts of the operation in real time and from a single database. Implementing the PMS module from the Indra's “TMS for Hotels” solution is a simple and effective way to streamline property operations and work smarter in the new year.
Indra's PMS module offers a straight forward process to cover all front-office operations, from check-in/-outs and stay management to housekeeping and folio management. Once this first initial implementation is in place, due to the modular and holistic scope of the TMS suite, additional modules for every other need (such as events (sales & catering), point of sale, loyalty, spa, restaurant, purchasing, finance, etc.) can be added over time at the customer's convenience, leveraging the platform and implementation in place.
Indra is a global technology company operating in more than 110 countries and the third largest IT company in Europe. Indra’s TMS Solutions — built on SAP technology (the No. 1-ranked enterprise resource planning business platform with 25.5 percent worldwide market share) — services all the business needs of a hotel chain or management company in one comprehensive system, hosted in the cloud or on premise. The system's modular conception enables hotels to deploy modules incrementally while benefiting from the technology platform and the integration of the full suite, as more modules are added at a later time.
The Indra PMS module offers 5 key benefits to hotels:
360 Degree View of the Customer and Property Operation at any Touch Point.  With a holistic, single view of the guest, hoteliers obtain improved global management of all services that need to be delivered to the guest which is increasingly becoming more important as hoteliers offer personalized experiences.
Globalization, Localization and Multinational Operation. With SAP installed in every country around the world, Indra's PMS is a global-ready system. It comes equipped with built-in capabilities to take care of taxes, local legal requirements and multinational concerns, such as language barriers and currency conversions. Because Indra is a well established, fiscally strong global company, hoteliers can rest assured that no matter where they are located, the PMS will be fully functional out of the gate with little training required. Indra's PMS also supports multi-bite characters. Not only does Indra speak a hotelier's language, but it literally can accommodate any dialect for all multinational staff and guests. Indra's multilingual component supports content online and that used for mobile campaigns.
Lower Total Cost of Ownership, Standardization and Best Practices. Indra's PMS module provides cost-effective economies of scale from the start. As the hotel enterprise grows, modules can be added as properties are added, resulting in additional economies of scale, optimization of processes, more efficient operations, and overall improved best practices.
Ongoing Enhancement Capability. Does your PMS company fail to deliver upon its enhancement promises? Indra is not just another generic ERP with a basic PMS module. It's an evolution of enterprise-management technology that is customizable and flexible, enabling the hotel, its providers or consultants to design the system to meet the exact specifications of the brand, corporate office or management group. This level of customization for an all-in-one platform doesn't exist from any other solution provider. The open nature of the Indra PMS enables hotels to configure the system around regions, countries, brands, segments, etc.
Centralized, Above Property, and Cloud Ready. Hotels looking to migrate to an all-in-one platform need flexibility at the core. The modularity of the Indra TMS for Hotels solution makes deployment easy, no matter the size of the enterprise or where it is located across the globe.
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