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Independent Hotels Leverage Mobile Guest Engagement & Messaging to Gain Competitive Advantage

Zuzapp announced that it is helping independent hotels worldwide to differentiate their properties from major brands and win more loyal guests. Zuzapp Mobile Guest Engagement and Messaging solution helps hotels to enhance the guest experience, increase direct bookings, improve guest satisfaction and recovery, and drive more TripAdvisor reviews.
Zuzapp empowers independent hotels to deliver above-and-beyond experiences by providing a local and personal value-added service via the guests smart device. Zuzapp offers hoteliers an affordable hotel-branded mobile guest engagement app as a channel to directly connect with their mobile guests.
Benefits include:
Increase direct bookings & lower booking costs. Reduce online travel agency costs with post-stay direct rebooking. After a guest checks out, digitally prompt guests to book their next stay through the hotel-branded guest engagement app.
Improve TripAdvisor reviews. When a guest has had a positive experience on your property, Zuzapp allows you to prompt them via mobile to post a review or share their experience online.
Improve guest satisfaction. Enhance the guest experience with one-to-one messaging by taking advantage of every opportunity to act on requests, suggestions, concerns and compliments.
Generate more revenue. Upsell unsold inventory and merchandise to guests throughout their travels. Drive in more traffic into your hotel, restaurants, spas and retail outlets by actively engaging more guests via mobile marketing and loyalty reward programs.
Incent guests to spend more on property. Guests spend up to 90% of their stay off property. This creates a need for timely and optimal communications to capture and retain guests mindshare. Entice guests with geo-targeted push notifications and mobile offers that incent guests to stay and spend on the property.
Improve guest recovery. Reduce comps, improve loyalty and protect your reputation by engaging guests over their channel of choice and resolving their concerns before they reach social media.
Curate authentic, localized experiences. Improve guest satisfaction with curated recommendations for local restaurants, services, stores, theatres, sporting events, attractions and tours. Zuzapp helps hotels become the local knowledge hub throughout the guests journey.
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