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IHG to Provide Instant Rate Access to Travelport Subscribers

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) has entered into a new long-term, full content and technologies services agreement with Travelport. The agreement guarantees Travelport-connected subscribers throughout the world instant access to complete rates from IHG’s more than 4,500 properties worldwide. IHG will also participate in advanced merchandising, pricing and connectivity solutions from Travelport, including Travelport’s enhanced Best Available Rate (BAR) Program, Travelport Complete Pricing Plus and Travelport XML Pro Technology Solution.
Access to IHG rates is made available through the Travelport Best Available Rates (BAR) Program, a distribution partnership that expands sales opportunities and guarantees instant access to the best available published, non-restricted rates from IHG by Travelport-connected travel buyers worldwide, including travel agencies, corporate customers and online travel retailers. Travelport’s Galileo, Apollo and Worldspan global distribution systems (GDS) gain the ability to quote the lowest unrestricted rates from IHG available to the public, including pre-paid rates and rates with cancelation policies.
IHG is implementing Enhanced Data Response with Travelport’s Complete Pricing Plus technology, exclusive to the Galileo and Apollo systems, to enhance the travel agent shopping process and traveler satisfaction. The technology will enable IHG to return detailed information in response to requests for availability, rates and rules, including nightly rates, meals, cancel and refund policies, rate categories, commissions, credential requirements and total cost for entire stays, to the travel agent via the GDS.
All Travelport subscribers will gain improved shopping experiences and system response times when IHG upgrades its GDS interface through the Travelport XML Pro Technology Solution. The interface will allow IHG to transact with Galileo, Apollo and Worldspan subscribers via a cost-efficient electronic path for real-time rates, availability, rules and property information. XML Pro Technology Solution eliminates the need for suppliers and retailers to use third-party solutions for GDS interface, and employs the latest OpenTravel Alliance (OTA) universal transmission specifications for travel.
“IHG seeks long-term partnerships that fortify our business by expanding our reach and sales,” says Andrew Rubinacci, vice president, distribution & intermediary sales, IHG. “We established an XML Pro interface to Worldspan in 2008 and experienced greater transaction efficiency, speed and accuracy. Travelport is a leader in XML solutions, and we’re eager to use their next-gen XML Pro Technology Solution across all three of their GDSs, and to increase the relevance of data we provide agents during the shopping process.”

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