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IBM’s Watson Data Kits to Facilitate Enterprise AI Adoption

IBM is introducing Watson Data Kits, which will provide companies with pre-enriched, machine readable, industry-specific data, enabling them to scale AI across their business. With expected availability in Q2, Watson Data Kits will initially serve the travel, food and transportation industries with travel points of interest and food menus, respectively.

By streamlining and accelerating the development process for data scientists and AI engineers, companies will be able to extract insights, create more engaging consumer experiences and ultimately drive greater business value.

Developed with Triposo, an IBM data provider, the Watson Data Kit for travel points of interest (POI) will provide hotels,  airlines and others with point-of-interest data to create more engaging experiences for travelers. It will contain more than 300,000 points of interest in 100 categories. Companies within the travel and transportation industry can use the kits to more easily build AI-powered web and mobile experiences to help consumers find things to do in their destination city. For example, a hospitality company could use the Watson Data Kit for travel points of interest to train the AI-powered chatbot within its mobile application, making personal recommendations based on a customer’s preferences.

The Watson Data Kit for food menus contains 700,000 menus in 21,000 U.S. cities, providing AI developers with content for apps that can help users find the menu item, type of cuisine, location and price they want near them.  

In the coming months, IBM will release Watson Data Kits for additional industries.


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