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HyperActive Technologies Introduces Lifetime Warranty On NEMA 4 Certified HyperView Order Confirmation System

HyperActive Technologies' order confirmation system, HyperView, includes a NEMA 4 Certified display, backed by a lifetime warranty supporting that certification.

The NEMA rating system is defined by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, and generally represents a fixed enclosure's ability to withstand specific environmental conditions. A NEMA 4 rating certifies that HyperView is impervious to wind, rain, moisture, dust and other effects of harsh weather, including extreme temperature ranges. To be truly NEMA 4 rated, electrical equipment is tested by an OSHA approved nationally recognized testing laboratory or NRTL. The patented backlight technology is rated to 100,000 hours, the display is NEMA 4 Certified, and the controller resides within the restaurant.

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