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Hyatt Targets Allergy Sufferers' Needs with Debut of Hypo-Allergenic Rooms

The Hyatt Regency Tamaya has introduced 10 hypo-allergenic rooms, purifying the guest experience for travelers. Designed for all travelers but especially suited to guests with asthma, allergies and other respiratory sensitivities, the Respire by Hyatt - Hypo-Allergenic Rooms, powered by PURE Solutions NA, are designed to eliminate up to 98 percent of airborne viruses and bacteria, as well as pollen and other irritants commonly found in indoor environments.

Respire by Hyatt rooms will be available at all Hyatt Resort, Park Hyatt, Grand Hyatt, Hyatt Regency, Hyatt, and Andaz properties across the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean, with most of them available to reserve by the end of 2010. In total, Hyatt plans to have approximately 2,000 hypo-allergenic rooms at 125 full-service properties.

"Respire by Hyatt rooms set a new standard for service that we are proud to offer our guests. We are delighted to be able to create a unique clean air environment without sacrificing guest comfort," says general manager Jerry Westenhaver.

Each Respire by Hyatt room utilizes PURE's state-of-the-art purification techniques. Each hotel room is treated comprehensively to minimize allergens and irritants for all surfaces and fabrics. Additionally, all mattresses and pillows are encased in a protective hypo-allergenic covering. The air in the room is continuously circulated through a medical grade purifier, filtering out up to 99 percent of impurities. The room is maintained and re-certified every six months. For Tamaya guests, this means the air in Respire by Hyatt rooms on average is 10 times more pure than outside air due to lower particulate counts.

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