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Hyatt Regency Montreal Secures 800+ Doors with Networked Locking System

Hyatt Regency Montreal has completed the installation of the Salfok RT networked door locking system. The new Saflok Messenger wireless communication system allows web-based monitoring of RT electronic door locks and keys for Hyatt Regency Montreal’s 605 guest rooms as well as 200 back-of-the-house doors to mechanical areas, service areas, and storerooms. 
“We wanted the most reliable door locking solution and the latest technology to maximize guest security,” says Sergio Santori, Hyatt Regency Montreal’s director of engineering. “The RFID keys work every time, and the Saflok Messenger system is like a GPS for keys. It literally turns our RT door locking system into a bi-directional communications network that provides real-time security benefits.” 
Each door lock uses Messenger software via a wireless network to communicate its status to property security staff. By logging onto the security terminal, staff can track when each room has been accessed and by whom and if doors are ajar. The Messenger system also tracks keys, displaying where each has been used without interrogating individual door locks.
“This is a valuable tool for guest peace of mind and it helps make our operation more efficient,” says Santori. “In our business, master keys are powerful because they confer a great deal of responsibility on the staff.  In the past, if a master key was lost or stolen, we may have had to rekey all the property’s locks. Now we simply log onto Messenger and signal all locks to ignore the lost key’s code.”
Reduced operational budgets  
The RT lock system also signals when individual batteries are low, allowing Hyatt Regency Montreal’s engineers to replace them on an as-needed basis. “The cost savings on the manpower and batteries for our 805 door locks is an instant operational savings, and it will contribute to the payback for the new RFID system,” says Santori. “In the past, we had to change all door batteries at once periodically, and many of the batteries may not have needed replacement.”
“It took only three weeks for RFID installation for our entire hotel, including troubleshooting and training our staff,” says Santori.
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