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Hungry Howie's Pizza Rolls Out New Digital Ordering Platform

Hungry Howie's Pizza and Revention have partnered to create a custom digital online ordering platform. The new release is specifically designed for the Hungry Howie's Pizza brand. Using any internet capable device, customers are provided a simple-to-use platform. Whether a customer orders from a desktop, tablet or mobile device they will experience an easy to use order flow and intuitive selection process. Revention has also provided a completely redesigned and brand-specific mobile phone application on both iOS and Android.
Over 50 new interface options have been added to take the user experience to the next level. Revention has also upgraded the Administrative Portal, which provides numerous store and brand level configurations and utilities, as well as extensive reporting options.
"Over the last 5 years, we have focused on expanding the technology solutions in our stores," said Dan McKay, Director of IT at Hungry Howie's. "Revention's POS platform was one of the primary building blocks in this initiative and it's playing a pivotal role in the advancement and growth of the Hungry Howie's Pizza brand. We have been fortunate to enter into a close collaboration with Revention where both parties share a vision to simplify and improve the speed of the customer's online ordering experience," said McKay.
The combination of the Revention POS system and the new online ordering platform has streamlined Hungry Howie's ability to develop new, strategic marketing campaigns and to measure those campaigns using customer response and redemption rates.
Hungry Howie's officially launched its new online ordering platform on December 29th with an integrated nationwide marketing campaign showcasing the new platform's capabilities with a FREE PIZZA promotion for first time online customers. Since the launch, Hungry Howie's reports overwhelming positive customer feedback and stronger than expected increases in online orders and same store sales growth. Some stores report online ordering to have reached above 40% of sales.   
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