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HTNG Releases 2017 Asia-Pacific Conference Agenda

HTNG conferences offer programs to keep attendees up-to-date on relevant technology issues inside the hospitality industry. This conference will provide knowledge, collaboration, networking, and business development opportunities with a wide range of industry professionals. HTNG announced the agenda and highlights topics to be covered at the 2017 Asia-Pacific Conference on 25-27 July in Singapore.
 Keynote speakers and sessions: 
  • Mark McSpaddenDirector, Sabre Labs 
    Tomorrowland: Technologies Disrupting the Future of Hospitality – Discover the latest technology trends and learn about their use cases throughout the full traveler journey in this exciting look at the future.
  • Tariq QureishyFounder & CEO, MAD Talks
    Seven Secrets to Future-Proofing in the Age of Intelligence – Keynote speaker, Tariq Qureishy will take us on a fun and engaging journey into the future and share his practical secrets on future-proofing in these crazy and exciting times.
Other conference speakers include:
  • Juan Aguirre, iRiS Software Systems
  • Martin Bookallil, Marriott International
  • Brian Garavuso, Diamond Resorts International
  • Jai Govindani, Red Planet Hotels
  • Ted Helvey, Angie Hospitality
  • Fraser Hickox, The Conceptual Group
  • Gregg Hopkins, Intelity
  • Ted E. Horner, E. Horner & Associations Pty Ltd
  • Mario Jobbe, Circos VR Studio
  • Paul Kitamura, M&C REIT Management Limited
  • Tony Lee, Capitaland Limited
  • Benjamin Lephilibert, LightBlue Environmental Consulting
  • Terence Ronson, Pertlink Limited
  • Rachana Salgia, DigiValet
More session topics include:

  • Brand and Owner: Is IT Caught in the Middle? – As a hotel IT decision maker, it is easy to feel like you are caught in the middle between owner and brand. This session will explore this complex relationship and discuss ways to work together for everyone’s benefit.
  • Hello Alexa…New Voices in the Guestroom Experience – In this session, Terence Ronson will interview technology providers introducing voice-activated technologies to the guestroom.
  • IT Leadership Panel – Top-level hotel IT executives will share how they see technology evolving in hotels in the coming years.
  • Technology & Innovation for Sustainable Operations: Focus on Food Waste – This session will focus on the lodging industry, exploring tangible solutions to a widely-overlooked issue: food waste.
  • Ted’s Fireside Chat – In this session, Ted Horner will sit down one-on-one with Jai Govindani, CTO for Red Planet Hotels, to discuss what we need to change in order to catch-up with our peers in other industries.
  • Virtual Reality for Hotels: What’s Proven and What’s Next? – Learn more about the latest VR for hotels, how it relates to augmented and mixed reality, and what’s in store in 2018.
For a full agenda and up-to-date list of speakers, please visit the HTNG Asia-Pacific Conference page.

Conference registration is open to any full-time employee of a company who owns, manages or franchises a hotel. For all other industry participants, HTNG membership is required. Technology providers, consultants and others who are not HTNG members should check with HTNG’s membership department to ensure eligibility.

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