HP Broadens Retail Portfolio with Android‐based Solutions

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor - Restaurants
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HP expands its Android-based solutions to include the HP Engage One and the HP Engage Go Convertible, giving SMBs and larger retail and hospitality customers greater choice and flexibility to deliver more convenient and personalized customer experiences.

According to the Incisiv Inc. report, “What Digital Forgot: The Retail Frontline,” an operator with $1 billion in annual revenue loses up to $110 million annually by not enabling its frontline with modern workforce tools and training.

There are great benefits to using the Android platform for retail and hospitality. From 2016-2020 Android shipments are expected to grow at a CAGR of 21% in retail according to IHL MPOS Shipment Report. This is primarily driven by mobile POS and other use cases including self-service devices, back-office engagement devices, interactive in-aisle devices, and even as traditional POS devices. Android adoption is also driven by retailer’s mobile apps which seamlessly integrate with in-store Android technologies - for example, orders and promotions tied to in-store self-checkout.

Android is also a powerful OS for retail and hospitality business who want to expand and deploy use cases beyond traditional POS solution with mobility and immersive digital displays. They are looking for new ways to interact with consumers and provide an overall better experience that’s both tailored and seamless.

In July, the HP Engage One and HP Engage Go will be available to support Android in addition to Windows, and Linux, giving retailers and hospitality operators choice, flexibility, and an opportunity to increase engagement with consumers and deliver experiences that change the way consumers interact with a business and its products. Learn more about HP's Android-based retail solutions here.