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The Hoxton Workspace Brand Boosts Customer Experience

Tom Rimmer, Director of Technology for Ennismore (parent company of The Hoxton brand)

The Hoxton brand of hotels was inspired by the streets and scenes that surround them, starting with the Shoreditch back in 2006. Holborn was next in 2014, followed by Amsterdam in 2015, and Paris arrived in 2017 in all its grandeur. Williamsburg and Portland opened in 2018, Chicago, Southwark and Downtown LA in 2019.

More than just a bed to sleep in at night, The Hoxton is known for its open-door lobby culture with everything from restaurants and bars to places to work. In fact, it touts its latest co-working space called Working From_, which it says is ‘like working from, without the distractions.’ It was a natural extension of The Hoxton brand, but didn’t come without its challenges.

Tom Rimmer, Director of Technology for Ennismore (parent company of The Hoxton brand), is responsible for the internal technology stack and development of all The Hoxton properties around the world.

According to Rimmer, while launching its forward-thinking Working From_ as a natural extension of The Hoxton brand, being new, “we wanted to ensure that we built power delivery into the desk experience. We understand the challenge of large spaces and the need for automation and reporting, especially when attempting to deliver a seamless guest experience, and want to understand problems before they’re reported to us.”

During this process, Rimmer and his team were on a continual journey to understand more about their guests and their experiences on property, so “we were looking for a platform that would enable us to understand our spaces better by using data,” he says.

So, The Hoxton turned to Chargifi, a cloud connected solution to deliver smart wireless charging to power the Working From_ brand. The solution allows guests the ability to connect into the existing technology infrastructure, which is expected form the foundation for a great customer experience.

Rimmer is already seeing benefits of incorporating the new solution. “We’ve seen an immediate understanding of the concept of ‘preferred’ desks in our spaces – it’s very useful to understand that a valued guest has a favorite spot! Equally, our engineering team receives reports in case a charging spot is offline – it’s extremely useful for proactive management of the desk experience where power is an incredibly important service,” he explains.  

The Hoxton Chicago Working From_ is now a home-like space for guests to work and meet. Now complete with a more sophisticated digital ecosystem, the workspace is in line with the brand which prides itself on catering to all working styles and moods.

“We always look to partner with companies that have open data platforms – having the ability to ingest and manipulate data in our own environment is incredibly important,” Rimmer says. “Equally, we’re looking for partners who can work with us and allow us to feedback into their platform as a symbiotic relationship helps drive innovation.”

The remotely managed wireless charging solution will continue to provide frictionless and convenient access to power for members of Working From_, and is expected to contribute to the seamless, personalized experience that has become synonymous with The Hoxton brand.

Rimmer adds, “As we see the benefits and convenience of wireless charging, it makes sense to explore the benefits in our other offerings. Watch this space!”

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