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How to Use On-Property Experts to Improve Casino Guest Relations

As casinos open to full capacity, attendance is rising, and owners have the opportunity to strengthen their relationships with new and existing guests and develop a more loyal clientele.
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Casinos were poised for greatness going into 2020, with the third quarter of 2019 being the best year ever recorded for the industry. But then, COVID-19 changed everything and led to a cumulative 45,600 business days lost for casinos across the U.S. and a 31% decline in revenue for 2020 relative to 2019.

Flash forward to today in 2021, the industry is roaring back with national first quarter revenues meeting the previous records from 2019 and 12-states reporting record highs of monthly gambling revenue. As casinos open to full capacity, attendance is rising, and owners have the opportunity to strengthen their relationships with new and existing guests and develop a more loyal clientele. One way to do this is by creating a well-connected frontline staff that’s trained to effectively answer any question; from the benefits of the casino’s loyalty program to gaming advice and the property experience.

Tapping into player’s club representatives 

Player’s clubs can do more than just increase revenue, they can build a community of dedicated player’s and give you data into what your most loyal guests desire from their gaming experience. Yet, convincing gamers to choose your site over the competition is easier said than done. Today’s savvy guests will visit a variety of casinos and compare players clubs for their preferred benefits. While in this trial phase, club members will have a lot of questions for team members, so it is critical that all team members have the right answer every time. The reality is that player’s club benefits and promotions change, and it is near impossible for every frontline team member to know everything that is going on within the casino.  With the proper technology to interconnect the frontline staff, every employee can easily access player’s club information or a program expert in seconds, enabling them to quickly answer the guest’s questions without walking away to find the answer.

Accessing advice from slot machine masters

One major way to differentiate your casino from another is to offer the latest in slot technology. However, this must be done carefully as new innovation can create confusion for players. When a new game is added to the floor, guests will have questions about how the machine works and how they can win big. Players who understand the game are likely to stick around to play longer, determined to succeed, so having a knowledgeable team member nearby will go a long way. As an alternative to the costly option of training every team member on every machine, connecting team members to the slot machine experts can ensure that guests can get the best tips and tricks from anyone in seconds. No matter the machine, having rapid access to this kind of information can wow a guest and ensure they stick around.

Turning Every Employee into a Guest Experience Expert 

At the end of the day, guests want answers to their questions and to be treated like a valued customer – even if it’s their first time visiting the casino. With constant change, even the best casino team member can forget about a VIP event or misrepresent a member benefit. That’s why making sure they have access to up-to-date information from all areas of the casino floor is imperative to a seamless customer experience. As casino popularity continues to rise to record levels after COVID-19, an interconnected staff may be the key to continued loyalty. With the right technology, expert knowledge sharing is a cost-effective way to enable team members to strengthen relationships with new and existing guests, and cultivate a more loyal clientele.

About the Author

Kim Scott is a recognized casino and hospitality industry solutions expert with a long track record working with a variety of casino operators. Scott has spent the last 20+ years in casino marketing for a variety of gaming markets. She’s worked in Las Vegas for Boyd Gaming, Ameristar, Affinity Gaming, and MGM Resorts International. She has also spent time working for a gaming software company, VizExplorer. 

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