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How Houston Hospitality Businesses Staff Up Faster

Jitjatjo,  an internal talent marketplace for contingent labor needs, has rolled out its powerful workforce management platform throughout the greater Houston area. 

The talent marketplace uses AI and Empathic Intelligence to match businesses with thousands of heavily vetted, interviewed, and insured candidates who match the job's requirements. As businesses choose to optimize their resourcing by embracing flexible work for their hourly staff, technology is critical in a seamless operation between worker and hiring manager.

Jitjatjo accelerates talent acquisition with ondemand temp staffing and works with major hospitality operators including; hotels, restaurant chains, stadiums, convention centers, universities, caterers, and more. Typical roles booked by operators are within food, beverage, and customer service. Jitjatjo's community of talent is thoughtfully curated via an in-depth vetting process, requiring candidates to have prior work experience, they must pass an interview background screening and reference checks, then complete training before working on-site with hospitality operators. Talent choose to work with Jitjatjo because of the flexible hours/lifestyle and also the ability to get paid at the end of each shift.

Three separate programs are now available and are user specific for both SMBs, active talent and an end-to-end technology platform that is a robust white label solution for larger organizations. Ondemand is the business facing app that gives SMB access to the Jitjatjo talent marketplace with no sign-up fees and no subscription fees. For talent, Flex is the app that is used to sign up and match their schedule, lifestyle and specific skills to current and upcoming job listings. Larger corporations leverage Network as a white label solution that includes both the technology and access of Ondemand and Flex, but also offers HR more customized features, dashboards, and support. 

"Over the past year, it has become abundantly clear that employers need to rethink how they engage and manage their workforce. Jitjatjo provides an invitation to work, not a directive. The key to success going forward, is embracing this new reality, creating policies and investing in technology that meets these new expectations," said Tim Chatfield / Jitjatjo Co-Founder & CEO.


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