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How Hilton Does Netflix & Chill

In late January, Hilton announced that it partnered with Netflix to offer guests in-room streaming services. In its press release announcing the partnership, Hilton said that this new service would be available within its Connected Rooms and was meant as a way of personalizing the guest experience. Hospitality Technology reached out to Josh Weiss, Hilton’s VP of Brand & Guest Technology, to learn more about this partnership.

HT: Why did Hilton decide to partner with Netflix instead of another streaming service provider?

Weiss: Netflix has been one of the most-requested additions to our Connected Room platform by both our guests and hotel teams.  Our objective is to provide the entertainment options our guests want, when and where they want them, and we are thrilled to offer Netflix. Hilton was also the first major hotel brand to launch complimentary Showtime access to guests in Connected Room equipped hotels in 2018. We will continue to work with other world-class streaming media brands to add relevant choices for our guests in the future.

HT: Why did Hilton feel it was important to offer guests access to their own Netflix account and not access to a customized corporate Hilton version of Netflix?

Weiss: One of the essential elements of the Netflix experience is for a guest to be able to access their own individual content preferences within their own account.  This makes their streaming experience even better, because they can pick up right where they left off, and more personalized.  We know that some guests may not have Netflix subscriptions, which is why we will continue to partner with Netflix to offer and promote easy, fast ways to sign up, create an account and start streaming right away.

HT: How does Netflix benefit from this partnership?

Weiss: For Netflix, the partnership extends their commitment to enabling their members to watch their favorite Netflix series, movies and specials wherever and whenever they want.

HT: Are there any security features built into this solution to sign guests out of their account if they forget to do so themselves?

Weiss: Guests have an easy option to sign out themselves at any time.  Additionally, security features built into the solution automatically log guests out the moment they check out of their room.

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