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How Digital Signage and Robotics Are Enhancing Guest Experience and Operations

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Michael Kosla, VP of Hospitality Sales, LG Electronics USA

Please speak to the benefits of digital signage for hospitality brands. (We’re interested in both customer-facing signage and workforce/operations. Feel free to address signage for restaurants or hotels or both.)

The possibilities are infinite when considering digital signage as a blank canvas for the brand’s creativity. Each brand has its own voice, tone and personality. Digital signage can be used to express that brand with dynamic content that delivers an exceptional guest experience — whether its immersive or subtle. The content can be tech-forward or more reserved and the content can be cycled out at different times of the day to support any number of operational or experiential initiatives.

In addition to the brand opportunities, digital signage can also be used to support operational efficiency — with signage for wayfinding or event information there is less draw on front of house staff — and, as demonstrated during the lockdown, digital signage can be used to communicate fast-changing healthcare protocols.

How can upgraded IT solutions such as monitors and cloud-based platforms enhance operations?

The I in IT is information and information is critical to any operation. If a business can get the right information to the right staffers at the right time, the staffer and the organization will be better equipped to make informed decisions. This results in a smarter, more agile and efficient enterprise. The cloud facilitates improved enterprise communications, while monitors and platforms allow hospitality businesses to capitalize on the cloud more cost-efficiently and securely than previously imaginable.

Please speak to the benefits of intelligent robots for the customer experience and improving workforce efficiency.

At a time when workers are stretched, robots can perform repetitive, simple tasks. This frees up staff to concentrate on work that requires intelligence, empathy and experience. Think of a tray — the tray did not replace the server but enabled the server to do more — likewise a server supported by a ServeBot can likely do more, earn more, and provide a better guest experience. Similarly, in a concierge role, a Guidebot can provide information to multiple clients at once, enhancing the guest experience without overtaxing the concierge!

Technology like robots and digital signage are a natural progression and will be used by enterprising hospitality professionals to advance the all-important guest experience, operations and employee effectiveness, efficiently!

What are some critical considerations for hospitality brands building new properties — how can they optimize opportunities for digital signage, IT infrastructure, and intelligent robots? 

Working with a company like LG and the One LG program enables the hospitality brand to achieve consistently high quality across all technology realms from guest room televisions to HVAC, to signage to IT, and more! It also ensures economies of scale and greater accountability. Having a conversation with LG early in the process enables the brand to set up a winning guest experience while also achieving operational gains.


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