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HotSchedules, Toast Partnership to Give Restaurants a Holistic View of Labor Management and Performance

HotSchedules, a provider of workforce and back office solutions for the restaurant and hospitality industries, announced an integration of its scheduling and labor management solution with Toast, an all-in-one restaurant technology platform and a fast-growing SaaS company. The integration between HotSchedules’ software and Toast’s point of sale solution will provide restaurant managers and above-store leaders with a clear picture of how to optimize schedules based on historical sales data and traffic trends.

The HotSchedules and Toast integration empowers restaurateurs with real-time data, enabling greater operational efficiency, from staffing to balancing shifts. Toast, together with HotSchedules, enforces employee-specific schedules to prevent early clock-ins, and, helps users save on labor costs.

"With the integration between HotSchedules and Toast, we have been able to implement better forecasting and labor controls that have allowed us to reduce and control our hourly labor. Before the integration, those decisions were largely made on instinct as opposed to reliable data," said HotSchedules and Toast customer JT Riley, Director of Operations at Taste of Belgium.

“Toast gives incredibly, detailed analytics right down to the very bottom line," notes Lisa Shad, regional manager at Datz Restaurant Group. "Not just that, it’s incredibly user-friendly — and the fact that we were able to have it correspond with our HotSchedules system is a major plus. I don’t think it gets much easier than this.”

HotSchedules’ innovative technology capabilities has led the company to serve more than 2 million users in 130,000 locations across 26 countries, serving the restaurant retail and hospitality industries. HotSchedules and Toast each strive to help restaurant providers improve their operational efficiency and improve their bottom line.

Toast Restaurant POS offers advanced functionality to manage the day-to-day operations of the restaurant, including quick menu modifications, real-time enterprise reporting and labor management on an easy-to-use interface. The platform also features revenue-driving tools including physical and digital gift cards, loyalty programs and online ordering.

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