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HotSchedules and Cooper-Atkins Integration Brings IoT to Restaurants

HotSchedules  has partnered with Cooper-Atkins Corporation to bring the “Internet of Things” (IoT) to the restaurant industry. Their integration will ensure food safety and eliminate waste by transmitting real-time temperature alerts from the Cooper-Atkins Blue2 Bluetooth Thermocouple Instrument to HotSchedules Logbook via the HotSchedules IoT Platform. Restaurant staff will be able to receive warnings on their smartphones and take action before cold storage and freezers reach hazardous temperature levels.
Restaurants that use Cooper-Atkins Blue2 can now transmit temperature readings to the HotSchedules IoT Platform and generate alerts in Logbook, a mobile application built for task and shift communication. So for instance, the USDA’s sample HACCP model for raw pork sausage calls for it to be stored below 40° F at all times. If a restaurant normally stores pork sausage at 30° F and Blue2 reads 35°, Logbook could automatically produce a warning message on staff members’ mobile devices. The message could also include what remedial actions (e.g. check the plug) to take and the service technician’s phone number.
The integration between HotSchedules and Cooper-Atkins enables the collection of data from virtually any thermometer or kitchen device and makes that data actionable. The HotSchedules IoT Platform is uniquely designed for restaurants and  provides a bridge between food service devices and HotSchedules applications. This empowers restaurant managers and staff to make data-driven business decisions in real-time..
The HS IoT Platform and Logbook to Blue2 integration will be available to customers beginning in Q1 2015.   
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