Hotelogix ACE

Hotelogix Launches its Automated Coaching Engine, ACE


Hotelogix, a cloud-based Hotel Property Management System provider announces the launch of A.C.E. – Automated Coaching Engine that aims to bring more power in the hands of users. This initiative is expected to enable hoteliers to explore the system in all its depth before buying – expediting the process of evaluating and investing in a Cloud PMS.

The intention behind this initiative is to empower hoteliers to experience the product before they make their buying decision, according to Founder Prabhash Bhatnagar. Interactive coaching guides hand holding through the discovery phase. In the upcoming phase, ACE intends to cover the full life-cycle that covers touchless training, onboarding as well as real-time support.

ACE prompts new users with videos that will walk them through the tasks that can be performed on the PMS. At the end of each video, they will be prompted to perform the task by themselves. Upon successful completion of the task, users will be rewarded with dollar credits that they can redeem when subscribing to a plan.

"I started the trial and found myself using the system like a pro in no time. I made $147 in less than 10 minutes. Hotelogix ACE is an amazing 'earn while you learn' experience," according to user Brad Thomson. "This is the next level of hand-holding to help quickly learn a cloud PMS. It is easier than any Dummy's Guide to Hotel Management, any day!" adds Hotelogix PMS user, Shelly Ross. 

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