Hoteliers: Consider Marketing via TikTok

TikTok is hosting some of the highest viewed travel-related content, and there’s no reason your brand should miss out on this marketing opportunity.
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Comeback or “revenge” travel as some may call it, is the trending topic among all destinations across the globe. According to a recent VRBO study, 65% of Americans plan on traveling more in 2021 than they did pre-Covid. This is leading travelers to face one big question: “Where to?”

It comes as no surprise that social media has a tremendous impact on the return of travel, but one platform in particular has been essential in developing and showcasing new hospitality and tourism trends for eager travelers to consider and replicate. TikTok is hosting some of the highest viewed travel-related content as of late, taking over the platform.

All destinations, whether it’s a bucket-list item like Bali, the Swiss Alps or Tokyo, or local favorites, such as New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco, or even small-towns USA, are being featured by influential TikTok users highlighting breathtaking views, too-beautiful-to-eat plates and lobby art made for a museum.

TikTok provides millions of users interested in expanding their travel itineraries with a never-ending list of potential plans. The latest trend not only tells us where we should travel, but also how we should travel.

These travel tips, or hacks as top TikTokers would say, provide insight on the best ways to get to and around a destination, what to do while you’re there, and how to make the trip as easy and cost-effective as possible. Hoteliers, airlines and DMOs are even teaming up with top TikTokers to share little-known tips and insight to their specific areas.

Travel and hospitality organizations can use this platform effectively, with or without influencers, by combining videos and images with snappy voice-over narration. You have the opportunity to take viewers on a journey or simply let your destination’s sights do the talking, through the app. One strong example of TikTok success is @Eurowings, which does a fantastic job of this on their account with a video that reads “This is your sign to fly to Greece'' accompanied with breathtaking photos set to music.

This type of social campaign is less-than-traditional, but the impact it has on the space is remarkable. A brand’s goal on TikTok is to get their message seen by as many users as possible, by using sounds and hashtags trending on the TikTok Discover Page, and pairing them with a concise and to-the-point caption. In this platform’s case, the content can be as untraditional as you’d like! Create content to show hidden gems within your location, an overview of the history, debunk misconceptions, or highlight any other details you feel travelers need to know.

The TikTok algorithm favors the consistent, and with videos now up to 3 minutes long, there are countless ways to capture your audience and further interest them in your offerings and the surrounding areas. The comment section of these videos are often filled with other travelers who have tips to share or want additional information to plan a trip in the future. Utilize comment sections to spread destination awareness and improve the experience of visitors.

Of course, don’t forget to lookout for user-generated content with tips and other helpful information on Tiktok and Instagram Reels to reshare with your audience, in addition to engaging with comments. If your destination isn’t getting enough love on these social platforms, consider hiring influencers to create this content and come up with their own unique tips and tricks they’d like to share. Circulating information this way is great for getting people involved and learning how to make the most of their trip.