Provides Hotels with Free PMS is a modern, efficient, easy to use and free hotel management system.

Because we live in difficult times for all of us, but especially for companies in the tourism industry, we want to offer a free hotel PMS that will support you in relaunching your business. helps you to reduce your losses this year and to increase your income, by eliminating the expenses with software applications and by local offers made available to tourists.

The app helps you manage your business, put your ideas into practice more easily, and have a better and more effective level of control - everything you usually monitor in your business, as well as other new things, can be seen instantly, at any time.

And last but not least, it is free and will remain so.

How this app helps:

Hoteliera includes a complete Property Management System (PMS), with flexible and strong rules for prices and promotions. There is also the possibility to synchronize the inventory with various OTA channels.

The Direct Booking module allows visitors to the hotel's website and Facebook to make reservations directly, non-stop and according to current availability. This avoids the commissions paid on OTA channels.

A novelty brought by Hoteliera is the Guest Portal, available 24/7 for your guests. Using their own phone, guests can make requests and access local offers set up by you, such as ski equipment, instructors, guided tours or restaurant vouchers. These offers bring you the possibility of an additional income through the commissions you establish with your partners.

The first 50 hotels registered also receive the chance for customized developments, such as reports or integrations with OTA channels.

Test the application here: - Customers who use this needed an average of 30 minutes to make it work for them.

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