Hotelbeds Doubles High-Value Non-Domestic Bookings for North American Hoteliers

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Hotelbeds Doubles High-Value Non-Domestic Bookings for North American Hoteliers


Hotelbeds, a bedbank, provided an update on the non-domestic bookings that its B2B channels of distribution offers to its North American hotel partners.

An analysis undertaken by Hotelbeds confirmed that the percentage of bookings for its North American hotels originating from non-domestic source markets has doubled over the past two years, with an average of 60% for the current year.

Within the non-domestic bookings provided to hotels, up to 80% of those reservations currently come from long-haul source markets – defined as markets that require a minimum flight of seven hours.

Long-haul bookings are particularly valued by hoteliers as such travellers stay for an average of 18 nights and overall make up 84% of international tourism spend in the United States, despite representing less than half of all arrivals.

This growth in long-haul tourists reserving North American hotels via the Hotelbeds platform can be mainly attributed to a 62% year-on-year increase in reservations from Chinese tourists via Hotelbeds, with China now ranking as Hotelbeds’ fourth largest source market to North America. 

Long-haul bookings in particular are surging now because of the increasing bookings made by Chinese visitors. For many years, HotelBeds has been educating and raising awareness amongst its North American hotelier partners on how to better cater to Chinese visitors staying at their hotels, focused on targeting their tastes and preferences, methods of payments, social media, and language needs.

Currently over 180,000 unique hotels globally are available on the Hotelbeds system – a majority of which are directly contracted under exclusive terms and conditions.


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