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Hotel Zetta Partners with Exit Reality to Offer VR Gaming Experience

Viceroy’s “tech-meets-play” Hotel Zetta San Francisco and virtual reality (VR) experience pioneers Exit Reality, announced a partnership offering the first-ever VR gaming environment in a hotel space. Located in the heart of San Francisco, the SoMA District, this virtual reality amenity is now open to the public.
The Exit Reality room-sized virtual reality installation is tucked in the front corner of Hotel Zetta’s coveted S&R Lounge set against a wall of windows, affording passersby a glimpse into an alternate reality. Individuals are invited to step inside the custom-outfitted VR space, much resembling an Airstream of tomorrow, where they can immerse themselves in a variety of out-of-this-world virtual reality experiences.
“We have a difficult task here in San Francisco, the most high-tech city in the world, to preserve our stance as pioneers in tech-conscious hospitality - not only staying up-to-date with mainstream tech, but also predicting the next big waves in the industry,” said Michael Gonsalves, Area Director of Sales & Marketing at Viceroy Hotel Group. “Partnering with Exit Reality is a perfect fit for Hotel Zetta as it complements our playful attributes while introducing cutting-edge gaming technology.”
The Exit Reality cube offers a broad range of top-tier content including Google Tilt Brush and Alazan Studio’s Holopoint, so guests can select a VR journey tailored to their interests. Aligning with Hotel Zetta’s focus on creativity, health and mindfulness, Exit Reality has also curated a selection of custom experiences including Guided Meditation VR from Cubicle Ninjas.
The hotel foresees expanding the Exit Reality relationship in the future, implementing the technology into guest rooms so they can enjoy personalized VR experiences from the privacy of their suite. They also aspire to build on their reputation and emphasis on wellness by offering exercise equipment that pairs with virtual reality down the road.
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