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Hotel Sees Increased Upsells with Cloud PMS Platform

Thompson Chicago, part of Commune Hotels & Resorts’ Thompson Hotels brand has implemented hotel software solutions from StayNTouch Inc., provider of the cloud PMS Mobile Overlay Platform.  Thompson Chicago is the latest Commune property to integrate StayNTouch’s solutions.
Since implementing StayNTouch in March, the 247-room Thompson Chicago has experienced improved guest services, increased upsell revenue and greater staff flexibility.  Free from the front desk, hotel staff can now interact and engage with guests anywhere in or outside the hotel via a PMS integrated, touch/tablet optimized interface.  With StayNTouch solutions, upgrades are offered, credit cards are securely swiped and guest room keys are created directly from a tablet.  Additionally, the housekeeping staff now has mobile access to update and check the status of each room, enhancing team communication and expediting the check-in process.
The hotel has implemented two StayNTouch cloud solutions on one platform:
StayNTouch Rover FrontOffice™:  Overlay on top of PMS bringing the front office functionality onto a mobile/tablet in a touch/graphic user experience.  Including remote key encoding & secure credit card swipe featuring P2P encryption.  Enables staff flexibility to service guests anytime, anywhere.  Line-busting. Zero training. 
StayNTouch - Rover Housekeeping™:  Via any mobile device (iTouch, tablet, etc.), housekeeping has touch-optimized user interface for full access to rooms-to-clean lists, room status, guest information and ability to update room status after servicing.
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