Hotel Internet Services Provides Advanced Hotel Operational Efficiency and Intersystem Connectivity With Ruckus IoT Suite

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Hotel Internet Services (HIS), a full-service provider of internet services and solutions for the hospitality industry, has announced the expansion of its industry-leading online-based services with the availability of the Ruckus IoT Suite. Showcased by HIS at this year’s HITEC in Orlando, the Ruckus IoT suite serves as an advanced solution able to ensure the seamless connectivity and device management that today’s interconnected hotel environments now require.  

With the vast majority of IoT-based platforms requiring a fast and reliable online connection in order to function correctly, HIS with the Ruckus IoT Suite ensures that hoteliers can adopt a single network able to consistently provide high-performance quality for all their IoT needs. Capable of supporting a vast range of devices and systems, the Ruckus IoT suite utilizes cutting-edge network technology that can effortlessly accommodate a multitude of platforms while still delivering high-speed communication abilities. The suite is notably capable of being scalable as hoteliers add new devices or seek wider service coverage. IoT-based solutions able to be seamlessly supported by the Ruckus IoT suite include: 

  • Door locks and door sensors 
  • Motion and occupancy sensors 
  • In-room thermostats, lights and blinds 
  • Staff panic buttons and badges 
  • Asset location beacons 
  • Refrigerator/freezer temperature and humidity control 
  • Water and gas leak detection 
  • Alarms and electric plug sockets 

“IoT technology represents a decisive turning point in our industry but such solutions are only as effective as the underlying network that supports them,” said Gary Patrick, CEO of Hotel Internet Services. “As more hotel devices and services come online in order receive the enhanced benefits that connectivity provides, HIS is committed to equipping hoteliers with the latest technologies that allow them to realize their goals of reducing costs, streamlining operations and enabling a personalized guest experience.” 

Designed as a flexible platform able to adapt to a property’s existing infrastructure, the Ruckus IoT Suite can be deployed either by using WiFi 6 access points or by attaching a USB IoT module to pre-WiFi 6 access point hardware. Either option ensures that connected devices are able to seamlessly transmit and receive data without running into weak signal issues. For hoteliers requiring assistance on which IoT devices and services fit the needs of their business, experienced HIS technicians are also on hand to provide guidance and ensure that a selected platform is able to deliver anticipated results.  


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