Hotel Group Sales Challenge Solved with Comprehensive Group Pricing Optimization

The Rainmaker Group has introduced the latest version of its GroupREV® group pricing software solution to grow and maximize an organization’s total revenue from meetings and events sales.
Rainmaker’s GroupREV solution for group sales was first introduced in 2012 and is used by leading hospitality organizations in the U.S., Caribbean, and Dubai. Multi-year usage experience by its customers and continuous innovation has resulted in group conversion rate improvement of 11.5% or higher and group room revenue lift of over 8%.
GroupREV was introduced in 2012 to complement Rainmaker’s GuestREV® solution, creating the first complete pricing and revenue management solution in the hospitality industry for traditional hotels, resorts and casino hotels.
With over 70% of RFPs for events and meetings being awarded to first responders, GroupREV gives hotel sales teams the most effective tool available to be a first responder with intelligent pricing to win the deal and maximize revenue.
The latest version of GroupREV has upgraded functionality to import and leverage relevant meeting space and sales & catering data using proprietary technology. The result is a further reduction in time to generate a complete and superior proposal that will win the business and maximize total revenue. 
Rainmaker’s Hospitality Client Summit in March will include best practices education sessions on pricing and revenue management for guest rooms, group sales, and other key topics to help improve financial and operational performance for traditional hotels, resorts and casino hotels.
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