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Hotel Group Optimizes Revenue and Manages Distribution Complexity with Revenue Solution

Pestana Hotel Group will implement Duetto revenue strategy solutions to bring new insights on pricing and demand to close to 90 Pestana hotels on three continents.
Pestana currently has hotels totaling more than 10,000 rooms in 15 countries - Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Germany, Mozambique, Morocco, The Netherlands (2017), Portugal, Cape Verde, SÃo TomÉ & Principe, South Africa, Spain, the United Kingdom, United States and Venezuela. Coming just months after the launch of Duetto’s EMEA headquarters office in London, the deal with Lisbon-based Pestana brings Duetto’s solutions to luxury hotels in five European capital cities, and continues Duetto’s worldwide expansion.
Pestana Hotel Group CEO Jose Theotonio, said, “This agreement ensures that our hotels reap the full benefits of that growth – positioning Pestana as a leader not just in guest service and property management, but now, in revenue strategy and profit optimization.”
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