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Hotel EMC2 Elevates the Guest Experience with State-of-the-Art Tech Amenities


Hotel EMC2, Autograph Collection, the brainchild of local real estate developer Scott Greenberg, president and CEO of SMASHotels, encompasses an overarching theme of innovation through the intersection of art and science. To provide guests with a truly one-of-a-kind experience in the heart of Chicago’s bustling Streeterville neighborhood, the property, led by General Manager Christine Wechter, has unveiled a series of tech-centric elements. Featuring everything from in-room acoustic amplifiers, to functional robots, to live streaming monitors in the kitchen of the hotel’s restaurant, the Albert, the hotel's atmosphere is meant to ignite the imaginations of guests.


“I wanted to tackle the challenge of elevating the more menial aspects of a typical guest experience by creating more interactive elements that spark curiosity,” said Greenberg. “This cutting-edge technology amplified throughout the property exemplifies our passion for creativity and education, and further illustrates the art and science intersection philosophy.”


Tech amenity highlights include:


Relay Robots

Featuring the latest in technology from Savioke, Hotel EMC2 has introduced two 3-foot tall Relay robots to help with day-to-day hotel operations. Cleo and Leo, which were aptly named as part of the hotel’s dedication to honoring brilliant minds, can independently roam the property via the destination elevators to deliver guests everything from towels and toothbrushes, to personalized cards.



Each guest room in the hotel is equipped with an Amazon Alexa, a voice-activated device programed by Volara, to answer specific questions and relay tailored information related to the hotel. Guests can also utilize Alexa to request specific amenities from Cleo and Leo.


Destination Elevators

Introduced with the purpose to elevate guests both literally and mentally, the destination elevators are not typical elevators in that instead of pressing up or down buttons, guests can select their preferred floor from a keypad outside the doors. Upon check-in, staff can select a guest’s floor from behind the desk, making for a much more exciting journey from lobby to room.


Live Streaming Monitors

Boasting a partially-transparent prep space, the Albert features monitors that showcase premier plating orchestrated by the chef directly to the restaurant, providing diners with a more inclusive experience.


The Study

Situated on each floor of the hotel, “The Study” captivates guests with a vast series of live animated drawings illustrated on high-end monitors. Created by local artist and self-proclaimed Spontoonist, Jonathan Plotkin, the drawings can be customized by guests for special events or specific groups.



To create tailored experiences for guests before they even walk through the front door, Hotel EMC2 is utilizing Zingle, a messaging platform that enables the front office to customize text messages before arrival. The software will also be used by the hotel staff to communicate with groups, promote special offerings, and share meeting locations and itineraries.


Acoustic Amplifiers

Uniquely designed by Rockwell Group, acoustic amplifiers embellish each guest room with the ability to magnify music volume from a smartphone or small media player. Beautifully accented with a rose gold finish, the amplifiers are another example of how art and science are connected and showcased throughout the hotel.

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